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The advantages of using plaster over wood or fypon.

One of our goals since opening the company has been to educate
people on the advantages of using plaster and why they should choose plaster instead of wood or fypon molding.

Unlike wood and fypon, plaster doesn’t shrink or expand regardless of a room’s temperature or humidity, so plaster crown molding doesn’t crack and remains seamless.

Plaster is also a non-toxic and is eco-friendly material to work and live with.

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Inspired Ornamental

Inspired Ornamental artisans collaborate with architects and designers to guarantee that all customer requirements are captured accurately ensuring that the design is met with 100% customer satisfaction – every time, from the simplest design to the most elaborate. They bring uniquely inspired ideas and designs of architects, designers and home owners to life in Boston and all of New England.

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Customer Service

At Inspired Ornamental, customer service is as important as our craft.
We recognize that a company’s most vital asset is it’s customers.

Without them, we wouldn’t exist. We try to delight our customers and they
not only help us grow by continuing to do business, but they will also recommend
us to friends and that has been huge reason for our growth.

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